Thursday, November 16, 2006

small mirror moons

so i saw a thousand me-s.
in a thousand mirror moon-s.
while her song and her sister's.
broke through splashing oar-s.
"ko oh ah oh ash
sang she with panache".


Hari Potter said...

Arre huzoor, wah Taj boleeyay....Those women are like Indian gypsies...Fascinating...

tangled said...

I love visiting here.

Ganesh said...

Yea, i remember her... i got her framed too.

check it out, gypsy.

moonstruck said...

Jannat only.

duende said...

hehehehehehehe. big wooly coir doormat out my door. with big letters that read 'w-e-l-c-o-m-e'