Wednesday, July 26, 2006

on a more zingier note...

...guess who has been karma shopping.

no hand to left or right

and emptiness above.

there are...

...difficult decisions to make. and then there are decisions that you don't ever want to make, but have to. for reasons of sanity. you pick up the pieces and see what you can make of it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the factory

let it be made explicitly clear, i'm no warhol fan. it follows i'm no great advocate of pop art, neo-expressionism or the transavantguardia movement (whatever makes you happy). but i'm a sucker for marilyn monroe. i stared wistfully at frame after frame from gentlemen prefer blondes last night. and these warholish frames (actually window shopping freezes) are my terribly twisted tribute to the prima donna of animal magnetism. wooh.

recalib the box

online monitor recalibration solutions are the next step.
See what you are missing.

black is uhuru

"where they hung the jerk
who invented work
in the big rock candy mountain"

Monday, July 24, 2006

tree top talk

pearly j and robin e
went up a tree
pearly j hung upside down
while robin browne
wore a frown.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


i love this random surrealism generator thingy. way down at the bottom. look down ↓↓↓ carp face. way down ↓↓↓

one middle finger please

for the GOI. for being stupid enough to assume their tacky attempts at gagging free speech will actually stop 44,000 indian bloggers. for the love of our online lebensraums. for the admiration of the infinite possibilities that the web offers. for gratitude to torpark and a million other names out there who sit back in their geek glory and guffaw as a cantankerous govt. swallows its own greasy feet. for freedom above all.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

womad nomad

it's that time of the year again. the womad festival circuit kicks in and a million noises from a million corners of the planet vie for the arclights. i thought i'd do a retrospective on a clicking frenzy from last year at sri lanka. billy cobham, trilok gurtu, joji hirota, drummers of burundi, asere, yelemba abidjian, wicked aura batucada, toto momposina, ravibandhu vidhyapathy and others were in attendance. and i had this huge azz crush on one of joji hirota's taiko drummers. from japan. she looked like michelle yeoh. ow ow.

buddha country is a difficult place to be. in buddha country the lord is watching over from every street corner. from behind drum sets. from the sandy beaches. from behind baby grands. and buddha country is deceptively expensive. had to spend one night homeless on a beach. with all of three funny named cigarettes to keep me going. and you bet your ass, the buddha was watching.

so i run into billy cobham. yassuh i'm one of those name dropping kinds. but it's true... i almost bump into a giant frame filling out an XXL hawaiian shirt and flopping around in size 14 floaters, just outside this lake with swans dying all over. and mr. drummer god was looking for his chauffeur. he says, "i don't know where he went. i think he's gone to get some icecream." and i say, "hey, want to walk with us?" would you believe it?

i bumped into a whole lot of people. including this specimen below. Hemaloka somethingsomething was (or still is) a high ranking monk in a monastery in negombo. which is kind of like a twin town to colombo and costs rs1500 (INR) to get to from colombo by auto. i found out the hard way. anyway, hemaloka i ran into on a nondescript main road. half a minute later we were rabidly arguing about the greatest bollywood movie ever. he seemed to think kuch kuch hota hai far outshone mughal e azam. or whatever. i should have known better than to hang out with those types. sometime later we ended up in a tea shop, where i clicked this one. and sometime later he groped me in the sanctum sanctorum of the gangaramaiah temple. and said, i bless you with the three gems. okiyo! you did not read that!

point of the matter is i'm praying like hell for a miracle and a ticket to womad, singapore! ya ya!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

aankh micholi

two axemen. one lensman.

meanwhile they've taken away my net connection!