Friday, November 17, 2006


stand up man.
and be counted man.
keep your handshake firm man.
like a man, man.


moonstruck said...

I love the colour of the sky.
Rich Witch Pikch(ur)

tangled said...

What about wo?

(i'm updated, updated, yay!)

Sylvan Goddess said...

AWWW Haathis! I love them! Indian elephants are possibly the most adorable creatures, apart from baby donkeys, that is. :)

Hari Potter said...

Arre Dundee, mard bun...
It was incredible how the elephant would bless people/shake hands and in the very same motion gently take the coin/note from your hand and give it to the mahout. Such wonderful sensitive creatures.

tangled said...

Baby donkey :D
I like that girl.

Oh, and pcmhfcf, you need to stop the word verification. I did.

duende said...

updated? i'm confused.
skies are always interesting.
yes baby donkeys... or whatever you say!
i'm more man than most men.
word verification will stay.

tangled said...

blogs. updated. mine.

pfrizjmy, spoilsport.