Tuesday, November 07, 2006

dose were de days brudder

good days need to end with great evenings. mandatory. one XL smiley and one XXL hug to all of you out there.


Hari Potter said...

XXL? Isn't that your T size bugger??
Jesting. All the good vibes back to you too bro.

Sylvan Goddess said...


Sylvan Goddess said...

p.s. dont think i didn't notice the big hug you've promised my boyfriend! hmph. no mention of a hug for me on my own blog. hmph hmph hmph. heheheheh. :)

tangled said...

Very much appreciated. And reciprocated.

Recho said...

cant breathe...gasp gasp choke

tangled said...

So nice you are I say.
I am very flattered.

Did you notice that I recognized the fishy? Well, I did. And loudly, too :)
"Oh, my God! I know this fish!! It was on the internet!!!"

Sine Qua Non said...

i needed that:(
question: if we visit this particular page everyday, do we then get a hug everyday?

duende said...

yes yes. hugs for free. round the clock. everyday. we don't even shut for x'mas.

moonstruck said...

Why thank you. I will avail the offer. Long overdue post ya. Blog more often.