Wednesday, November 29, 2006

rs 10.50

sometimes you miss the old haunts. the memories. and the ridiculous amounts of money you paid for those memories. rs 10.50 for a movie ticket not too long ago as compared to rs 150 now is not indicative of inflation. no. it's something else. it's perhaps the death of an old way.


Ribbit said...

amen brother amen

tangled said...

And that curtain.


Hari Potter said...

So many movies, so many good times. From the time we were all tiny tots. I remember how I was taken for a movie to Plaza after every final exam in junior school. That was followed by a burger and ice cream at Corner House. The times they are a-changing. Right before our eyes.

Sylvan Goddess said...

Ganesh and I watched our first movie at Plaza :)

Anonymous said...

i so know what you mean!!! saw all the old halls during my trip to blore this i miss those small packets of caramel popcorn...and maroon, torn seats...and change of rs 20 from a 50 after a movie and popcorn...sigh!
- rati