Tuesday, November 14, 2006

मेरा नंबर कभ आएग़ा?

dear hindi people.
please tell to me i spelt it correct.
i am to be seeming to say sad things in happy ways.


moonstruck said...

Hee. You didn't. It's kaB.

Hari Potter said...

Yup small Hindi B. The lock's awesome though. If it's any consolation it looks like it's going to disintergrate presently. :)

Scatterplots said...

perhaps now i should quote the doors. hehehe
that was a pathetic attempt at humour.
I apologize.

tangled said...

Which part is happy?
(Also, yes, it's "B". Though what is the "B", I say. Not "b"? Kab, no? Not kaB? Oh. It was emphasis. Nevah mindit.)

Sylvan Goddess said...

ahhh...they've corrected you already it seems. awwwwwww to you too, by the way! :)

duende said...

ok. so my hindi is rusty?!? so what. i can beat y'all anyday at ...ummm... kashmiri!
tsoi choo teek? ts chas varay! mei de tresh. mei de cigarette. mei de warm and soft bed.

Shutterfly said...

don't mention kashmir.
it makes me cry.
I had with me my nikon f55 manual when I went there last may
with 4 black and white rolls I did click away.
I went back to Indore where my mothers family stay
and then a bastard developer ruined my life.
I was left with nothing. Nothing.
then on i develop my own b&w. :(