Friday, November 24, 2006

les reverse angles

so i dug out some really old pics. my first shutter experiments really. embarrassing history. (but as goethe put it... those who do not remember their past are condemned to relive it)

and that there is my wonderful dog. odie.


Shutterfly said...

i had a scrumdiddlyumptious golden cocker EXACTLY like your wonderful dog odie. She passed away two years ago.
they are truly the nicest breed rugs and utterly cuddlesome.
and the other pic I really like.Its like the inside of a spinning top.weeee!

tangled said...



Hari Potter said...

hu let the dog out?
I always liked the first one. It's magical.

Ganesh said...

Odie....what does robin call her? Shilpa? Sneha? or something like that!

Ganesh said...

you might want to check this guy out... methinks you'll love him -

moonstruck said...
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moonstruck said...

Odie looks pretty. Because she's a she.

Sylvan Goddess said...

Mmmmmm hari potter is right...that picture is magical :) And Scatterplots comment about cockers being the best breed is true too...Awwwww i miss my majestic nimboo and hyper imli! waaaaaa...3 weeks. :)

Sine Qua Non said...

i don't know anything about shutter experiments. but the first picture is mindblowing.i want on my ceiling:)