Friday, October 13, 2006

one cat please

all you peoples.
make one face.
at your cat.


Sine Qua Non said...

i have a dog who looks like a cat. made faces at him alllll day.
now im making one at you!

Sylvan Goddess said...

i have a friend who looks like a cat. it was her birthday yesterday. i made faces at her all day...does that count, dundeeee? :)

tangled said...

Can I get a cat?

(What joyful comments you do get :) )

duende said...

@ sine qua non
yes dogs that look like cats will do.
@ sylvan goddess
friends who look like cats will suffice too. pssst... do i get introduced to these friends?
@ tharunya
joyful comments? i take that as a compliment. many thanks. i know of a cat. who wants a home. or one such case pops up every now and then. so... you'll be on the radar the next time a cat is on the lookout. :)

Sylvan Goddess said...

do you get introduced to these friends...hmmmm. Hehehehe. Sure you do dundee! Get your ass here, and you can meet them all..the hot and the not!