Monday, October 23, 2006

the flowering viola

while my dreams
should be made
of things profound
like glowing amethysts
in the amber sky
of my perennial dusk.
rather worryingly
my dreams today
harp, chew and mull
over how the hell
i'm going to get past
my next mission
in gta vice city.
i've got the bug gamer
from jack the ripper
it's quite a bummer.


duende said...

that definitely has to be my last attempt at poetry. yikes!

tangled said...

oooh. was going to say that myself, snob that I am :P

Sine Qua Non said...

the gta bugs bitten you too? alas. it's a lost cause. all my friends are bitng the gaming dust.
i can't do poetry. but i think you can:)

duende said...

haha. i used to be very good at it. i promise!

niyati said...

heyy.. thats shanky!!!
really nicee pictures. :)
i dont know you but was just going through..

duende said...

and mam, you're welcome back anytime you feel like it. :)