Tuesday, October 03, 2006

cycle mart

i remember you drilling bernoulli's into my head. i was five?
i'm sorry, i'm nothing you wanted me to be. but know that i'm thankful for all you taught me. and not just the stuff about aeroplanes and planets and carpentry and diodes.
i remember more than you will give me credit for. i remember most of all that one day you refused to hold my hand as we walked to the vegetable market.
and i'm thankful.


Anonymous said...

Aawwww...very sweet and touching!!!

Hey mama, what's that there?
And what's that doing there?
Hey mama, up here! Mama, hey look at that over there!
And what's that doing there?
And where're they going there?
And mummy can I have that big elephant over there?

Don't wanna comb my hair
And where's my teddy bear?
Mummy, up here!
Look at the cowboy coming there!
And can I have a pair
Of boots like that to wear?
And mummy can I have that big elephant over there?

Quizzical kid she dosen't want an elephant here,
She's forever demanding to know who what why and where!!
Quizzical child!
Sometimes the questions get wild!
"Like mama can I have that big elephant over there?"

Time will march
Days will go
And little baby's going to grow
I gotta tell her what she needs to know
I'll help her along
And she'll be strong
And she'll know right from wrong

As life's parade goes marching by
She's gonna need to know some reasons why
I don't have all the answers
But I'll try the best as I can..
Don't make a plan...

'Cause you give the kid your best
And hope she passes the test
And I find it so hard I taught her well ***
Somewhere though she's going I betting I never will forget ***
Mummy, can I have that big elephant over there?

Song: Dat Dere

Ganesh said...

Get Laid!

duende said...

OH MY GOD! its a wunnerful day.