Thursday, October 05, 2006

majestic manjunath

village idiots have always fascinated me.
this one here, pretended to die, kill, laugh hysterically, cry until the tears dried up, fall, fly and vapourize into thin air for the benefit of jack's camera.

i must make a certain private confession public. i want to be a goat herd too.


Ganesh said...

goat herd, yes. pretty much headed that way.
i'm going to be manufactuing ashtrays.

duende said...


Anonymous said...

high on a hill the lonely goatheard
bhaa hheeehh heh he hum ho dum
do it macha

Anonymous said...

um herd...and high as in otherwise
you'll fit right in on that count.heh. signed the fallible frump

Kipenzi said...

Hmmmmm...Goat herd!!!Why not..atleast someone needs direction..but then do you?

duende said...

@fallible frump and anon (assuming you're two diff people).
anon comments disturb me. my day.