Thursday, June 29, 2006

ustad by night

last night ustad bismillah khan made a reappearance during some frenetic REM. and i was slapped into humility all over again. considering i'd just watched the secret lives of NFL cheerleaders, the dream was singularly incongruous. yet this is how it stands. and i have a not so good feeling about the dream. ummm. i remember a friend who was there with me when i pressed the shutter on the ustad breaking into an impulsive rendition of bhairavi. and he's moved on. i don't know what he's up to. i wonder if i truly don't care anymore. is it possible, that i've become heartless?

steely dan sings,
"yes he's changed.
in a thousand different ways he's changed."



duende said...

i'm not brimming with pride. but i don't think i've clicked a better one than this.

Aaki said...

i like it too. maybe the ustad is looking at his watch? but that cannot be. well. i like it too.

tangled said...

it is beautiful

Celia said...

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