Wednesday, June 28, 2006

aperture priority

i'm trying really hard to constrict and dilate my pupils at will.


Quietly Amused said...

try blinking :) dandi!

duende said...

it's dundee. and since the doc is here... see i have a situation. i want to be able to dilate and constrict at will. like if a cop were to pull me over and shine a torch into my eyes, i want to be able to dilate my pupils. to throw him off track.

Eleventy Seven said...

Dundee.... yes thats what Ishita told me you were called.
How have you been?
A nice take there on Mumbai.

Quietly Amused said...

like the crocodile? I'm not sure the cops here are sophisticated enough to recognise what you've been upto based on your pupillary diameter. try like a couple of hundreds to dilate his pupils. Then run like there is no tomorrow.