Sunday, June 25, 2006

do tara

you've had a wonderful day and you wind up thinking, 'how come they don't make all days like this one?'

Après nous, le déluge.


tangled said...

but where's the voice?

Anonymous said...

Lover, it has taken me great courage to say: you make love photography.
To dinner and drinks,

Anonymous said...

You make me love photography.
That said, Amen,

duende said...

i take it, that's a compliment. like browne says, amen to that brother! and the drinks and the dinner will follow soon. AFTER PAY DAY! WHEN IS PAY DAY! SHITZER!

Anonymous said...

Oye Lover.
Love, bucketloads of it.
To more pictures and captured moments.

Manic Street Preacher said...

lissen, duende bhai.
that is an ektara.

duende said...

if you look carefully, you'll see two tuning keys at the end of the instrument. hence it follows that there are 2 strings and it's a do tara. if there is such a thing. :)