Wednesday, July 18, 2007


parveen babi's bodyguard in amar, akbar and antony softly padded his way into our lives this last week. meow.


Restless said...

he's creeping me out...

nothing can look that cute

quick! get a priest, bless it or something

beware the wrath of damien

tangled said...

I have no words only lots of jumping around.
Owwwwwww Keyuuuuuttte :D

duende said...

:) he's been blessed. talismanned. and all of that. yes. he's kinda cute.

suma said...

Pass my muah's on to the beautiful li'l thing.
amazingly captured are the nuances of her grace.

Shutterfly said...

things with eyes that beautiful shouldn't be allowed walk this earth. unless they're mine. all mine :o)
as dylan sir put it off "on the cliffs of your wild cat charms I'm riding"
Kerrect only.

tangled said...