Wednesday, July 11, 2007

one little devil

kuttichatan, loosely translates as little devil. one former vice-principal's name loosely translated as the devil in the coconut-grove. thing is, in god's own country, the devils arent particularly frowned upon. and are even welcomed with endless cups of tea, marie biscuits, berkeley cigarettes and headless chickens.
historically kuttichatan is siva's consort. like my pa says, an agent, somebody the lord chose to outsource certain responsibilities that he couldn't be bothered with, to. kuttichatan mainly concerns himself with fire, arson and the like. if you've been a good kid this year, umm... sorry, we don't have santa in kerala. but if you've been a bad kid, kc will come huffin and puffin and burn your house down.

that part madonna part harlot, happy sad evil laugh will echo in my one functional ear forever.

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Hari Potter said...

So that's where all the fallen angels God's own country...:)
This guy is my fav of the series...