Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the year of the pig (closer studies)

in other more sedate surroundings buddhists brought in the year of the pig, with oil lamps, thupka and wei-wei.

meanwhile waters floated his own 30 foot version of a member of the genus sus.

with 'impeach bush' seared across its pink piggy ass

and it floated away into the giant mumbai haze to traumatize jet-liner pilots and air hostesses ;)


Sine Qua Non said...

when they let the pig loose i was counting on you for prime shots!!
hehe...i looked for 'im from my plane,yessir, but that darn porkchop was nowhere to be seen. legend has it he's flown to syd, who was in severe need of a pet at his resting place.

Hari Potter said...

Not for prime ribs?