Monday, February 19, 2007

one edge

mr. frodo (above) and stretch (below)
two smelly bundles of love

meanwhile we'll return to the travelogue shortly. small departures please. disillusionment et al.


Hari Potter said...

I second, third and fourth that. ADORABLE DOGGIES!!! Especially Mr.Frodo when he does his "Row, row, row your both" thing.

tangled said...

These are your dogs?

Shutterfly said...

awww lookattheepuppies with their lovely puppynoses.

tangled said...

puppynoses :)
And have you finally found the page?
The page is alive and well and awaiting your visits.
Here. Or here. Just come by, yo.

Sylvan Goddess said...


duende said...

not my dogs. they room with a former roomie and good friend.