Friday, August 18, 2006


i've always watched darkwing duck with a certain amount of fascination. so i'd like to think that the slow shutter freezes are second nature to me. and i don't even want to discuss my new found philias. recovering from a weekend of debauchery and joy. the sun shines again. even in the nights.

i hate this self conscientious and continuing block of blogspot by my isp at work (cityonline i think). it doesnt really suit my liking, to blog and not be able to see. a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g. last weekend was also about rediscovering old friends. there is a certain comfort in gossip.

motion blurs are the way forward. phantasm. i have strange obsessions these nights. and i nurture them i think. it's a strange place. this.

old book haunts look spookier still in the still of the night.

i love it when car headlamps throw my light meter out of gear. i dig it when the mist fogs up my view finder. i am the terror the flaps in the night. i am the terror that causes many a fright. i am ... darkwing duck!

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