Tuesday, August 29, 2006

hoo dawgies!

met this stellar specimen of the canis familiaris at a traumatic cricket match that i was party to. apparently i dropped a catch in the first over of the game and as the adage continues, consequently the match too. the paaji whose catch i dropped went on to despatch the ball over the fence repeatedly with disdain. also did i mention i never got to bat or bowl. in our beautiful kannada language there is a saying - aatak untu. lakak illa. one big sad smiley here.

however mustafa here (i christen all unfamiliar animals mustafa), kept me entertained through most of an otherwise forgetable day, an error in my life. i supplied him and his friends with biscuits (stolen from the cricket team's supplies) and he couldn't stop smiling as long as the biscuits kept coming. incidentally the same paaji who'd massacred us with the bat and proceeded to take a few wickets too (gurpreet was unofficially declared man of the match), came up to me and queried, "full puppy love?"


moonstruck said...

Hehe. Puppy love indeed. :)

tangled said...

where do you find these!

Sine Qua Non said...

ohho...too CUTE