Thursday, January 08, 2009

the wedding camera fiend

it's the downturn. but people will always want to marry. and people always want to remember. and that's why a wedding photographer will always find gainful employment. my services, for a price. hazy pictures for those who want hazy memories.


POOJA NAIR said...

What contour! What colour!
What light! What romance!


Happy new year Duende!

wormwood said...

aaah I see the warm alcohol haze!!

avega said...

Are your services still up to provide hazy wedding moments that would create incredible nostalgia? Friend looking for someone to shoot their wedding pics at pataudi palace early next year. interested ? At your price ofcourse.

duende said...

always! would i know avega?

avega said...

Well then please mail meenakshi at - for more details on the wedding etc.

PS: Yes, you did know avega. And avega still seems to know where to find you :).

PPS: The blog and pics look stunning btw. Never fail to impress.

blotter said...

i would pay for hazy pics like that! :) Been awhile since I've visited your blog - so pardon the spam-commenting :P