Friday, September 26, 2008

bellis bhavan

at the very pretty foot of a monster rock where tigers, elephants and minor earthquakes roam, lives the bellis. under attack from tea bushes on all sides, 'chinna dorai' hurries his manservants about the place, pauses to pluck a weed from his sprawling lawns and contemplates on which bathroom he will use today.

memories of wrinked dostoevskys and fierce football battles mingle with the smells of a coming harvest as the bellis sits bewildered at his somewhat erratic computer. meanwhile a lone nilgiri thar stares on curiously.


Sine Qua Non said...

I had a dream where you became a dark graphic novelist. Sort of like the Sandman stories?
Anyway, you were a monster success. Worth trying, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

actually he uses different bathrooms for different purposes....says it lights up his life type thingy..

Murphy said...

I need to live under a sky that blue. I think seeing that everyday, even if it's through a window would make people feel healthier and wholer.
Hey :)

Sundararajan said...

One should have that inner desire to live in such a place and to enjoy the nature. What a lovely place!! Pure nature surrounding you and how can one resist admiring it?

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