Thursday, November 29, 2007

femme sax

between sambhar lessons i squeezed in my sax for dummies hardbacks. it takes some getting used to. i can tell my sa from my ni now. just like i can tell good asafoetida from bad asafoetida. and idiots like you behind the camera will always dig the novelty of a sari clad woman blowing the sax carnatic ishtyle.

but as with the rest of the dreary world, i too need to find support for my head. and worry about rin soap and the children's homework and the maid who's been shirking. after this barnumesque show, i too need to return to colour television.


Restless said...


dundeeeee..... be nice to her


Hari Potter said...

Poor thing. All those things to think about. No time for sax. hehehe

duende said...