Thursday, April 05, 2007

the last shangrila

out east, the most curious changes happen over the shortest distances. plains make way for hills, big brooding rivers twist into a million drains and rhinoes move over for bongs. but in jaigaon (or joigaon), your average border town - dusty and dirty, an almost magical drama unfolds. across one drain about 6 feet wide, plains, dust, trucks, shanty slums and india squeeze together and switch to mountains, 4-wheel drives, gushy streams and bhutan. across that drain, in phuentsholing behind the traditional roofs of the immigration offices, hotels, apartments and 'privacy discotheque', the himalayas climb steeply. away from the plains and the dour lives and into bhutan - the land of the thunder dragon.

the full story. coming soon.

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Hari Potter said...

ooo dragons :) :) :)