Wednesday, March 14, 2007

roadtrippers unlimited

pleasantly reminded of our first evening in bhutan
of a cheap imported heater that saw us through sub zero nights
and the thrills and spills
that go with being as disparate
a bunch of roadtrippers that we were


Hari Potter said... imported heaters once saved my life. Touche pussycat.

Anonymous said...

got the link to thee(courtsied be) browne: the lil one..cant srike right in self-express(al) now..cliched(ness) takin' its toll galore as feel the need to set forth an impression via it..makes for a piece of work: one of its kind!!

Sylvan Goddess said...
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Sylvan Goddess said...

Mmmmmm yummy warm soft light in that picture! :)

moonstruck said...

Delightful. :)

duende said...

potterji, lets celebrate cheap imported heater day every year.
anon, i comprehend. i wish.
goddess & moonstruck, thank you :)

Hari Potter said...

Actually bugger, screw the heaters I think this 'celia' person seems to have hit upon a better way of getting warm ;)

(As an aside, I still bow to thee, o God of cheap imported heaters, ooogaachaka)

tangled said...

even the poemming people are not that warm.