Monday, September 11, 2006

bharat brass band

bright sunday afternoon. and i foolishly left the comfort of my book (rumo and his miraculous adventures) to drop off some cousins. another hare-brained mission. another sunday ruined. but then i ran into the biggest mofo traffic jam and the bharat brass band.

i can't handle a vertical frame. i used to be able to. but now... it just throws me off balance. i can't seem to compose... and hate the results inevitably. as also is the case with the above men on stilts. but before aesthetic, i've always put documentation. and so.

along came a legless horseman and stole the apple pie from my window sill.

there are all manners of lesser imps and devils... but the great satan himself is red, scaly, has a biforcated tail and carries a pitchfork.

running into bharat brass band on a particularly depressing sunday was reaffirming. i choose to still believe. in serendipity. in hope. in joy.


tangled said...


Sylvan Goddess said...

OI! I love the pictures!!! mmmmmmmm bharat!!!! ufff...i love it! its so much better than the sanitised bullshit over here. Really lovely pictures!

duende said...

arr arr mahadev. i'm grateful.

Sine Qua Non said...

i actually liked the vertical frame, because the man in the mask is really eerie.