Wednesday, May 10, 2006

mumbai majhi ladki

above all mumbai is pavement town. if you're born on a pavement, grow up drinking desi daroo on the pavement, lose your leg in an accident a little off the pavement, sell drugs and sex on the pavement, get arrested on the pavement, return to the pavement, sell magazines this time around on the pavement, before you discover drugs and sex sell more on the pavement, marry on the pavement, make love on the pavement, build a home on the pavement, build a temple on the pavement, chew and spit paan on the pavement and then die on the pavement from too much paan chewing, then you can be sure you're a true blue mumbaikar. and i met such royalty. he said 'call me babu. yahan har tarah ke naazare dekne ko milte hain. kuch acche. kuch burre.'

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tangled said...

where are you?

duende said...

humpfff. is that a trick question? bangalore. eh.