Monday, April 10, 2006

jhatre janums

a near perfect night found us at bhoomi jhatre again. it's been a year and it refuses to sink in. there were familiar faces. some new kids and annoying ones at that. same old tree. similar commie ideals. gawd! i can't run away from it. life has pulled off one major u-turn on me. in one year flat. i'm not sure all of this qualifies as pleasant.
click here for more pics from the jhatre.


moonstruck said...

I really like the pictures.
And that Israeli is wow!

duende said...

in my experience all israelis look the same. shalom makala!

Recho said...

it's malaka.... biatch :)

duende said...

ah yes! damn... and to think i thought you were dyslexic

Recho said...

ok, dude.... i know you love your old hard disk, but i seriously need it..... BTW as a bonus I fix you comp up as spanking new.... sounds like a good deal?