Tuesday, February 21, 2006

swiftie the magician

it's one of those books that i bought out of some basal spinal reaction. sometimes a phrase or name gets those hormones flowing. like 'conjoined twin lounge singer sisters' just made it impossible for me to not watch big fish. darn. my english teacher always said, don't use no double negatives. point is, i havent got around to reading swiftie the magician. think i'll hit it tonight. meanwhile all around everything seems to be in overdrive. nothing to worry about, i'm certain. but stuff has speeded up suddenly, and that isn't going down too well with my tried, tested and approved digestion. else it's all cool in the gang. all i want is to wake up tomorrow morning and find my eyelids have disappeared. and are now replaced by a kinda perma-fix pair of ray-ban aviators. wow da. ok, i've had enough.
slow dudy!

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Scoot Noodles said...

Keep blogging! People don't always comment on what they read but they keep reading... Welcome to blogland!